The Sea Wolf (TV 2008, 2 x 90 Minutes)



Jack London’s tale of two men brought together by fate is a classic adventure, and one of his most successful novels. Set in 1900, the film follows Wolf Larsen, the cruel captain of a sealing schooner, who rescues the weak literary critic Humphrey van Weyden from drowning. On board The Ghost, van Weyden is forced to work for Wolf in the lowest ranks of the ship’s hierarchy. Humiliated, he has to fight for respect and survival.

Wolf gets closer to van Weyden through his thirst for intelligent conversation. Gradually, he promotes him and van Weyden slowly finds his place on The Ghost. The relationship between these two very different men — one stronger intellectually, the other stronger physically — is threatened by the arrival of the beautiful poet Maude, whose boat sank during a storm. Both men fall in love with her, and start fighting for her attention.

The conflict between van Weyden and Wolf culminates with van Weyden secretly leaving the schooner with Maude. Later, The Ghost is attacked by Wolf’s brother, Death Larsen. After defeating Wolf’s crew he sets the schooner adrift with the captain left alone to die. To the horror of van Weyden and Maude, The Ghost is stranded on their island. Van Weyden has to face the dying captain once again — but with Maude’s help he manages to defeat Wolf and together they leave the island in search of civilization.

Cast & Crew

CastSebastian Koch, Stephen Campbell Moore, Neve Campbell, Tim Roth, Tobias Schenke
DirectorMike Barker
Novel»The Sea Wolf« by Jack London
WriterNigel Williams
Director of PhotographyRichard Greatrex
Production DesignerRob Gray
CostumesMartha Curry
MusicRichard G. Mitchel
EditorDean Soltys
ProductionRobert Halmi Jr.
(Co-Executive Producer)
David MacLeod
Herbert G. Kloiber
(Executive Producer)
Rikolt von Gagern (Producer)

In cooperation with ZDF (Television) and ORF (Television). 
Supported by the film fond FFF Bayern.

Behind the Scenes


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