Gate Television Productions Ltd.

Rikolt von Gagern — Producer and CEO

Telephon: +49 89 / 24 29 57-0
E-Mail: r.gagern(at)
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Rikolt von Gagern was born in Salzburg, Austria. After studying law in Salzburg and Vienna, specialising in media and copyright law, he worked as a director’s assistant at several German and international production companies. He then became head of the fiction production division of the Tele München Group as producer and CEO of Clasart Film.

Rikolt built up production companies in Berlin and Cologne for the Granada Media Group as their CEO from 1999 to 2001. He founded and has been running Munich-based Gate Film since 2001, as well as his second company, Gate UK in London, since 2003.

He has been involved in a series of top international TV projects as a producer, including the Ken Follet adaptation »Lie Down With Lions« with Timothy Dalton and Omar Sharif, and several Rosamunde Pilcher adaptations, such as »Coming Home« with Peter O’Toole and Keira Knightley, »Winter Solstice« with Sir Peter Ustinov and Geraldine Chaplin and »The Shell Seekers« with Vanessa Redgrave and Maximilian Schell.

In 2009 he produced the highly acclaimed adaptation of Jack London’s famous novel »The Sea Wolf« featuring Sebastian Koch, Neve Campbell and Tim Roth in the lead roles. In 2011 he completed a 26 million dollar adaption of Herman Melville’s classic »Moby Dick« starring William Hurt and Ethan Hawke.

Rikolt’s feature film productions include »Workaholic«, »In The Name Of Innocence« (Im Namen der Unschuld) which won the Bavarian Film Prize in 1997, and the teen horror-thriller »Flashback — Murderous Vacation«. In 2007 he produced »Runaway Horse«, the successful film adaptation of the novel by Martin Walser, with Ulrich Noethen, Ulrich Tukur, Katja Riemann and Petra Schmidt-Schaller, who won the Bavarian Film Prize for Best New Actress for this film.

Office Munich

Gate Film Produktion GmbH, Tal 30, D-88331 München

Nicole Unger — Assistant to the Management

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E-Mail: unger(at)
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Nicole Unger is the assistant to management since September 2014.

Her scope of duties include the organisation and coordination of the office in Munich and communication with our office in London.

She also takes part in the entire production process, from development and physical production to the post-production process and deliveries.

Paul Günczler — Creative Consultant

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Email: p.guenczler(at)
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Paul Günczler advises Gate Film Production with projects and independently supervises his own material and projects in terms of development and packaging.

Paul completed his studies in film direction at the Academy for Theatre and Film Arts in Budapest. He subsequently worked as a production assistant with numerous international film projects realised in Hungary. Among the projects were films by David Cronenberg, Alan Parker and Istvan Szabo. He also worked as an assistant director with Bavaria Film Production. In addition, he led the script department during the first Hungarian daily soap opera for Magyar Grundy UFA. After that he worked with with Ulrich Limmer and Rainer Kölmel, among others, at Kinowelt Film Production.

Office London

Gate Television Productions Ltd., 10 Orange Street, WC2H 7DQ London

Helena von Gagern — Development Assistant

Email: h.gagern(at)
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Helena von Gagern joined GATE Film’s office in London in September 2015 as development assistant for UK-based projects. She further assists with the organisation of GATE Film UK as well as its communication and coordination with the Munich office.